Not so long ago I decided to change my life completely. When I was younger I had a habit to go out and run. It helped me to lower stress and stay fit. But, after some time I lost that habit and got a new one, less healthy. Years had passed and I decided to get in the shape again. I started again with running and started to go to the gym. Soon I became interested in how sleep effects on our life. Also, I got interested in an athlete’s lifestyle regime and when I was searching for techniques which can guarantee healthy sleep, I’d realize that choice of mattress is the best one. Use novosbed promo code to find a proper mattress and start life on the healthy ground. Quality mattress means quality and healthy sleep. Why sleep is so important for athletes and, also, for you?

Sleep helps you recover

Athletes spend many hours in training. This means that their body spends a lot of energy. Which implies that muscle structure needs time to repair itself. Along with proper nutrition, sleep helps to regulate body system. Also, it helps your muscle to grow. Which is important in order to upgrade stamina and power. 

Not just any kind of sleep

There is three main phase of sleep. First, called the threshold stage, come just after laying down on the bed. It is not a deep sleep, it’s something like a nap. It helps you to relax your body but not much. In the second phase, your heart and blood pressure are slower, and this is where real sleep starts. But, only in the third phase, called REM phase, is when you starting to dream. This is a goal and the phase of your sleep which is needed in order to maintain your entire body system. It is the deepest stage of sleep in which your body starts recovering.

Hours of sleep are important

For athletes, everything is about focus. When the moment comes they have to be ready, physically and mentally. Athletes are spending more time in sleep and exercising. Eight hours of sleep is minimum for them, ten hours is ideal. In order to be productive, their body and mind have to be relaxed and devoted to getting results.

Preparing mind for sleep

It is not easy to get in the regime of healthy sleep. You have to prepare your mind in order to get more form sleep. Before going to sleep it is necessary to get in a state of mind in which mind and body are already relaxed. Athletes don’t have the luxury to say: I didn’t sleep well. This kind of excuse doesn’t imply great results.

Planning your sleep

Thing is that sleep is part of you and all of us. Eventually, it is not possible to live without sleep. But, it is important, in order to live a healthier life, to plan your sleep, rather than just fall asleep.