Dual core system basically means that a system consists two physical computer processors in the same chassis. They are separated and located on the same or separate motherboards. It all revolves around an integrated circuit that contains two processors which are, more or less, identical. These processors are manufactured in a way to reside side by side on the same die. Each has its own path to the front side bus of the system.

Dual CoreSince there are two processors working as one, there are many advantages to the user’s benefit. For those who are looking to boost their systems up when it comes to the multitasking computing power, this could be especially useful. Dual core processors provide two execution cores that are working independently from each other and each core has its own cache.

This means that the system has more than sufficient resources to operate and handle intensive tasks in parallel. If your thing is multitasking, this can be extremely useful to you. Dual core optimization requires the newest technology called thread level parallelism. This means that both the applications and operating system need to support this technology.

TLP acts like a part of the operating system or application that simultaneously runs more than one thread. Here, a thread refers to the part of a particular program that has the ability to execute independently of other parts. Basically, this means that your system should run perfectly while you are executing multiple programs at the same time.

The dual core processor should be perfectly capable of running multiple threads of more than one program simultaneously while increasing both efficiency and performance. Today, every OS supports multithread technology especially applications that people use to create and edit graphics, videos and music files.

In case that you are interested in a particular dual core configuration, both Intel and AMD desktop processors should be perfectly fine. If you, by any chance prefer Intel, you can get three benefits from it. Hyper threading technology, Intel extended memory 64 and dual core3 for much better system responsiveness and multitasking performance capabilities.