With the showing up of Windows 10, a new feature arrived as well. This new virtual desktops feature is still limited though, even when people are liking it more and more with each passing day. It proved itself to be very useful, especially to those who have a real need for such feature. Now, if you happen to use just one monitor or not, multiple virtual desktops can come a handy in many great ways.

Windows has supported this feature for quite a while, it became mainstream just recently with a new version of Windows 10. If you open Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview, there is an option to add the unlimited number of virtual desktops very easily and relatively quickly.

This feature is still limited so there are some minor stepbacks while using it like the fact that you cannot change the wallpaper for each desktop or cycling through all open screens just to reach the one you want. To add a virtual desktop, go to the Task View pane which you can find on your taskbar. Once you are there, just click New desktop.

Multiple Desktops In Windows 10If you want to switch between your virtual desktops, go the Task View pane again and just click on the one you want to switch to. Since the features are still limited, adding a large number of desktops seems to have no function for now because there is no option to quickly switch to a certain one without cycling through all of them.

There is no scrolling functionality and the Task View pane can support up to 9 desktops for now. This is probably a Windows 10 bug that will be fixed in the future versions or the final version. In case that you want to move windows between desktops, open the Task View Pane and position your mouse over the desktop of a window you wish to move.

Until a final version of Windows 10 arrives, this feature will be a bit buggy until they fix it entirely. Until then, manage with what you have.