Back in 2007, when netbooks were originally developed, they were designed as a new class of personal computing systems. They were supposed to offer a basic computing experience and the original models reminded of laptops because of the design. The main idea was to invent something cheaper than the desktop computer or a laptop. Of course, as technology progresses, so do prices and features. Classic laptop prices continued to fall but the performance was better and better.

Recently, with the release of various tablet solutions, laptops became somewhat forgotten. Well, not for long because the idea of extremely compact and affordable laptops has become popular again and computer manufacturers started making systems that are resembling the netbooks as we know it. These netbooks may not be very fast because they were not designed for speed but for power efficiency.

Different processors

NetbookThese machines are using a different type of processors than your ordinary laptops. Netbooks only need processor performance that is enough for handling the basic tasks like basic photo editing, spreadsheets, word processing, email or web browsing. Unless you are doing some intense video or photo editing or gaming and streaming, you do not need that much of a processor power.

The first netbook versions featured CD/DVD players but that is not the case anymore. Because of the optical drives are not a requirement for computers anymore, there is no need for CD or DVD drives anymore. Now you can simply download any program online, thanks to digital software distribution.

SSD or a solid state drive is common with mobile computers. It has features like durability, low power consumption and compact size, which makes it ideal for all mobile devices. Netbooks were the first computers that supported the use of SSDs.

Even though SSDs do not offer the same storage capacities as traditional hard drives and they can support only up to 64 GB, they are a lot cheaper because they offer less performance than the usual SATA drives. It all depends on what you need a device for, but a netbook is a fine machine.