Author: Charles Simpson

The Latest Tech News

There have been some problems with the latest Windows and Office patches but, those problems are now history. Still, some certain precaution when updating should be taken. Windows 10 is still unstable so, all those who need to keep it working, will experience some difficulties with the patches. In case that you are dealing with the updates of WSUS or SCCM servers and let them automatically update your version of Windows 10, you might experience slight rendering issues that will result in lots of blue screens. There have been some reports that the latest threat comes from Wacky Wascal...

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What Is New In Computer World

When it comes to computers and computer technology in general, there is no stopping to the modern advancement. Every day is something new and every day you have new products on the market, better than the previous versions. With this in mind, one of the latest achievements comes from MIT. They developed a new Polaris system that makes web pages load much faster than before. Massachusetts Institute of Technology did their best at developing a system that has the ability to load web pages faster in any browser. The speed of Internet is ever increasing just like the computer...

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Desktop Computers – Best Fun Tool

There is not a more convenient tool for both work and fun than a desktop computer. They are the best for your home and office, most of the time they are all in one computer with numerous great features like entertainment, storage place, modern graphics and processors, ultra HD monitors and various productivity tools. In a world of today, computers are literally everything and innovation and change have become something like a currency. There is no stopping to the process of computer innovations and information technologies. When purpose and innovation mix together with the addition of technology, you get...

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