Author: Charles Simpson

The Story Of Primo

Primo was a first home computer ever. It was built in 1984 in Hungary. It was the first computer designed to be affordable to almost anyone because of its low price. There were three versions of Primo, with 16, 32 and 48 KB RAM memory. It featured the keyboard placed directly on the PCB and it did not contain any moving components. It did not contain a monitor with it as well, people needed to use a standard TV set as a monitor. Primo had the burnt in BASIC programming language and a tape recorder which made it a...

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How Netbooks Function And Features

Back in 2007, when netbooks were originally developed, they were designed as a new class of personal computing systems. They were supposed to offer a basic computing experience and the original models reminded of laptops because of the design. The main idea was to invent something cheaper than the desktop computer or a laptop. Of course, as technology progresses, so do prices and features. Classic laptop prices continued to fall but the performance was better and better. Recently, with the release of various tablet solutions, laptops became somewhat forgotten. Well, not for long because the idea of extremely compact...

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Netbook T102 – The 2 In One Machine

There is the multitude of mobile electronic devices all available and people might get confused with the terms like tablet, netbook, notebook and laptop. All of these are portable computers but there are some slight differences in pricing, hardware, input options, portability and size. Netbooks have smaller screens, usually seven to 10 inches in diameter. Both laptops and netbooks feature touchpads, USB ports, keyboards and a variety of input options. A typical netbook has a less powerful hardware than a laptop. That being said, if you are looking for a fun PC that is creative, convenient and compact, netbook...

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Desktop Computers And Their Advantages

When it comes to computer equipment and gear in general, desktop computers are the best for both office and home use. They are nice all in one computers that will allow you to use their features such as productivity and entertainment features, plenty of storage space and the finest and the latest modern processors, capable of doing amazing things. In a world of computers and modern technology, change is always good. Change is all about innovation. When you add purpose to innovation, you get the best computers in the world which are designed with innovative technology. This was all...

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