The way TV technology changes may seem like some science fiction, but it still has a similar purpose which it had a the beginning. Just like before, when people gather in front of the TV to watch their favorite show, or some sport invent. It still has the same prime agenda – to help us or to entertain us. The only difference is that today, it is much more sophisticated and much more present in our daily life. Also, there is one big difference, at least, when it is about TV and what we are watching. Thanks to the IPTV we have a choice of what and when to watch. IPTV – the set-u box is new and last product in this evolution. It uses MAG 250/254/256 IPTV  subscriptions of users and viewers. But the installation process seems to be complicated for IPTV stalker subscription, due to some previous versions.

Process of installation

The process of installation starts with assuring that your connection from MAG 250/254/256 IPTV to your TV or some other device is connected properly. The best way is to use a cat5 network cable. Afterward, look for the service option. Click it. Next thing is to set up the URL of the first portal, going to “portals e –setup. So, Portal 1 has to be similar to Then restart this portal and wait for reboot. The smart thing to do is to reboot your device after data are successfully uploaded and confirmed. One thing also, in the process of installation it is important to be positively sure that you did not make any mistakes in entering necessary details at UK IPTV subscription provider. Then you have to wait for the device to reload, afterward, click on the URL of your preferred server, soon after, you will notice a viewing page displayed. You should look to select “Live TV”. 

 One more thing, very important one. Believe it or not, as one of the subscription suppliers, you have the Video on Demand service.  This should be it when it comes of an installation process. In order to be fully updated, you can always go to our IPTV tutorials if there is ant help necessary for setting up your MAG IPTV subscription. 

When all is set up and working

After you have successfully managed to connect your IPTV stalker, there is nothing that can stand between you and trill that this kind of viewing experience can produce. With this asset, you can finally share this moment with your family. And all you have to do now is to take a beer, sit down on your sofa, relax and watch what you, actually, wanted to watch on your TV. Because, after all, the very purpose of MAG IPTV subscription, and this guide that you are riding is just that. To make you satisfied with your own IPTV experience.  But, if there is any kind of problem with your subscription or device, do not hesitate to refer to us, especially when you need manual, set-up-box or subscription setup function guide.