With over 2.5 per billion Facebook active users and over billions of Instagram regular users, these two platforms are ideal for advertising. Whether you are an IT, technology or computer enthusiast, do you draw blogs, make games, or make future software solutions, these platforms are the key to expanding your business.

Bang Digital is one of the few companies that understands Internet marketing people and technology companies, and by modeling them, we bring you some key steps and ideas in internet marketing.

Is this for you?

The first thing a good marketing agency does is to assess whether your service or product is suitable for Facebook and Instagram advertising. If they are, the marketing agency will present you various aspects as well as the numerous advantages of this type of advertising. They suggest the appearance and ad text, determine the ideal target group by gender, age, interests, and help you determine the territory on which your ads will appear. They also optimize your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign in order to maximize the effects.

How to know if an agency is for you

The ideal marketing agency has the ultimate expertise and experience in creating and running advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram all over the world, in your home country as well as in the surrounding countries. It’s important to provide you with the most effective advertising approach and the highest quality visits that generate the most perspective contacts.

If you want to do marketing yourself

What you need is the ideal solution for your advertising campaign on Facebook and/or Instagram, as well as creating a Facebook page with the information and image of your brand. Personalizing the facebook page itself is very important for future clients.

After these steps, you need to create one or more ads with an offer or action (if any) related to your business. After placing multiple ads, segmentation of these ads is important to show only to targeted potential clients that you define by location, age, gender, and other parameters.

The next step is to direct individual ads for different products or services to the corresponding pages of the same site or to different sites if they do not go to your Facebook page, as well as the process of activating, pausing and reactivating advertising campaigns without restrictions.

Daily monitoring and optimization of advertising campaigns, order setting, and, if necessary, editing of the texts of the advertisements are necessary in order to achieve the most optimal effects. It would help you a lot if you made a detailed analysis and statistics of an advertising campaign with a complete report on the performance of each ad group.

Don’t forget

It is quite important to keep track of your spending through Facebook and Instagram advertising, as well of your earnings that are made through these platforms. You need to know are those ads costing you or earning you money in the long run.

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