In these modern times, when information technologies are taking over the world, a computing power and speed are considered as a true advantage of common IT solutions. The attention of manufacturers has largely shifted to the real needs of the users as the need and demand for new computer parts and technologies is always on the rise. With this in our minds, we are giving our best to bring the latest innovations to the computer solutions all over the world.

A true purpose of a computer is to aid humans in their every day working obligations. That is why men invented the technology system that has one purpose, to help us get better at what we do. Instead of us bothering with simple tasks, we invented computers to do that for us while we concentrate on more important issues. The idea was to create a machine so powerful that it would be the next step in our evolution and allow us to do unimaginable things at the time.

This machine is not only merely a tool but also a storage where we can store all necessary and important data that was gathered through our history. We saw the necessity of building a computer that will help us to progress and further develop our technology. That is how came to the idea that computing works better if it is sustainable and that was how we embraced the free software ideology. We strongly believe that sharing knowledge and similar values can largely contribute to the development of a modern technology that would make our lives better.

The birth of Linux

LinuxTechnology is a tool that is supposed to help us evolve and become more aware of our full potential as a species. Simple gains are not our goal at all, we want more and we want to aid humanity in any way by using our technological achievements. All these computing technologies could largely contribute in the spheres of medicine or industrial engineering, among many others.

We believe the shared development model could become the only real resource when it comes to important technological developments that are oriented towards our kind. That’s why we developed Linux, a new operating system that represents the most advanced computer technology available. Our achievement has brought the history of computing and computer science at its turning point. It’s time to write a new chapter.