There is the multitude of mobile electronic devices all available and people might get confused with the terms like tablet, netbook, notebook and laptop. All of these are portable computers but there are some slight differences in pricing, hardware, input options, portability and size.

Netbook T102Netbooks have smaller screens, usually seven to 10 inches in diameter. Both laptops and netbooks feature touchpads, USB ports, keyboards and a variety of input options. A typical netbook has a less powerful hardware than a laptop. That being said, if you are looking for a fun PC that is creative, convenient and compact, netbook T102 could be right up your alley.

This ultra thin and feather light machine is practically two devices in one and it will allow you to enjoy your experience up to 11 hours because of its amazing battery potential. This netbook supports all the features of Windows 10 and the manufacturers used only the best materials to create it. Since it weighs around half a kilo, you can take it almost anywhere with you.

170 degrees angle display movement

The designers have introduced the Smart Hinge design which allows the kickstand up to 170 degrees wide angle of movement. No matter where you use it, at home, in your office or when you are sitting in a park, you can always count on complete comfort.

This netbook is ready to use anytime you need or want it. It has a clever auto scanning fingerprint sensor called Instant ID which supports the brand new innovation from Windows called Windows Hello. It allows you to unlock your netbook with a single touch.

The real treat here is the HD display. It has a wide viewing display technology that allows you to enjoy clear, vivid and bright images from almost any angle. In addition, it is armed with the dual stereo speakers mounted on each side that create an immersive surround sound effect.

With this audio enhancement comes the exclusive video enhancement and direct bonding technology. You will always be able to watch the best possible quality  videos without any annoying reflections.