The second largest movie industry is now Nollywood – Nigerian movies are worth over 5 billion USD dollars. The expansion of this industry happened with the expansion of technology in Africa, making internet and smartphones more available, which helped in recording, producing, and presenting their films worldwide. This industry produces more than two hundred films per year, which are distributed over internets various platforms and social media.

nollywood filmsHere is the list where you can enjoy in nollywood latest news, movies, and television shows. You can watch and read the content on your PC or your smartphone. Some sites offer free and paid memberships for downloading or streaming videos.

Africa based companies:

  1. Nigeria movie network – the site offers not only free and latest Ghanaian and Nigerian movies you can search by genre, but also it has articles about Nollywood. Here you can stream or download any film. If you register, you can bookmarks videos for later view and create some playlists you can share.
  2. – this is a Nigerian company, and it is the largest entertainment business there. Apart from movies, they also have Nigerian television series, and new content is added every few days. You can stream videos on your smartphone too, but you will need to pay the subscription which will get you unlimited access.
  3. Ibaka TV – this is the largest catalog of Nigerian films, which you can stream. It has over one million subscribers in more than 220 countries, and 500 million views. As a member, you can watch unlimited premium content. Videos are available on computers and can be viewed in high definition, but you have to be logged on this site.
  4. Nolllyland – this platform has licensed and legal content which includes music, movies and television series which you can watch on any device with any network.

Companies from other countries:

  1. – this site has free and paid memberships, and you can download or stream their content. The material can be viewed on computers or mobile phones.
  2. Video Moja – this is a USA company. Here, you can stream various categories of Nollywood films and are often subtitled.
  3. Youtube – one of the first platform where Nollywood presented their movies. Maybe it doesn’t always have the latest films, but you can find some of the most popular ones, and it is free to watch.

These are the rest of the sites you can watch or download Nollywood latest news and films: Nigerian nation,, RealnollyTV, Buzz Nigeria, Naijaonpoint,, Online Nigeria,, Wapbaze,,,, and All of the sites offer various formats and qualities and have in their database various blockbusters in this industry.

Before you dive into Nollywood latest news and films, you should read some articles about the movie genre you could be into, or their movie stars, celebrities, and best directors. This industry is one of the biggest in the world, and it has to offer a broad spectrum of entertainment.