If you are among users who prefer a healthy lifestyle and take into account every calorie you enter, as well as all the day and night activities that your body is leading, then it’s a good time to seriously consider purchasing the Fitbit Charge gadget. There is an ongoing discussion titled fitbitcharge 2 vs charge 3, but no matter what you choose, this product will change your life! With it, you can at any time have an insight into calorie consumption, your physical activity, and the vital functions of the body.

This is a true little trainer ready to help you at any moment to step into a healthier way of life. As a matter of fact, Charge is the ultimate little Health and Fitness gadget that is ready to change your lifestyle but also help to cope with bad habits and accumulated kilograms.

Complete fitness trainer

The Fitbit Charge bracelet is available in a variety of colors, which is a wise move, as it allows the above to be aligned with any wardrobe. It is extremely lightweight and pleasant and, most importantly, it is not necessary to remove it. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, one charging Charge bracelet gives you up to 10 days of use.

It is also interesting that the complete battery charge cycle is complete for less than an hour. So, for a month of use, it’s enough to remove the bracelet three times per hour.

All the technical details…

This product is made in the shape of a bracelet in which a sensor pile sensor and an OLED display are located. Sensors synchronize each other and provide the wearer with a bracelet with very valid information on caloric intake, physical engagement, movement and generally on all day and night activities of the organism. It is fairly transparent and what is very important is easy to use, so users with less experience will be with it.

And now the main thing – the functions of the bracelet. As we have already mentioned, the bracelet measures the calorie consumption (you need to enter what you ate and drink in the amount, and in what quantity), your physical engagement, the movement, how many steps you have made, how fast you’ve been running or walking, and night activities (sleep, calories while you sleep …).

For who is it for?

Also, it is a complete fitness trainer and in conjunction with a variety of fitness, applications can help you get rid of excess pounds or bring your body to the top form. For athletes, this can be a solid trainer, but also a gadget that gives them real information about the vital functions of the organism (pulse, TA, breathing, temperature …) at any moment.

Due to everything offered by the Charge bracelet, it has not only found its application in athletes life – recreational people and people who care about their body, but also people with serious health problems (primarily cardiovascular), use this product, all in order to monitor vital functions and to have current insight into the condition of the body.