You certainly have seen a mister system in almost every cafe during the hot summer days, spraying something like a water steam all over the place and cooling people down, chilling the atmosphere. Well, it is absolutely possible to have it at your home or a garden or a terrace, whatever you prefer. We offer full service, from mounting, installations, maintenance, and repair.

Also, we can give some useful advice on how to improve the function of your outdoor misting system by adding some of the features to your installed construction. If you want to find the best possible solution how to make your summer cool in every sense of that word, we are here to help you with achieving that.

Our team of professional experts will be more than glad to assist you with this task. Our duty is to make your misting system perfectly blends into your patio and the exterior of your yard. We offer only the highest quality installation services which will easily guarantee the durability if the installation.

We offer biannual services and numerous other options and solutions and all this to make sure that your misting system keeps you cool. The highest level of performance of your high pressured misting system is guaranteed. When we say repair services, we mean services that you can put your full trust in. Our field crews and teams are comprised of nothing but sheer specialists and experts. With a good selection of professional tools, we will keep your misting system as good as new.

We have the best solution for hot summer days

We know how summer can be a real bore when the heat gets almost unbearable. In those situations, people choose to spend their days indoors, hidden from the heat and the sun. With a bit of effort and our humble help, you can turn these days to your advantage and enjoy with your friends like never before.

Our misting systems were designed for outdoor adventures but, they can be mounted on almost anything with a water supply. So, if you cannot enjoy your phoenix patio because of the heat, you can make the temperature drop and enjoy without getting completely scorched. Misting is short for high pressure evaporating cooling.

With a bit of help from science, we found a way how to combine pressurized water and evaporation in order to produce a cooling system. The most amazing thing about these systems is that they can reduce the temperature of the air by as much as 16C almost instantly. The change can be noticed in almost seconds and this way of cooling is much better than any air conditioning. It is much simpler too.

So, with the simple process of water evaporation, you get a lower ambient temperature. Since AC units cannot perform well in the open space, this innovative outdoor misting and cooling system has become very widespread and popular. Contact us if you would like one in your possession.