There have been some problems with the latest Windows and Office patches but, those problems are now history. Still, some certain precaution when updating should be taken. Windows 10 is still unstable so, all those who need to keep it working, will experience some difficulties with the patches.

In case that you are dealing with the updates of WSUS or SCCM servers and let them automatically update your version of Windows 10, you might experience slight rendering issues that will result in lots of blue screens.

Windows 10

There have been some reports that the latest threat comes from Wacky Wascal BadRabbit and it is infecting normal Windows users. It all started with a fake Flash update and it carried ransomware. If this happened to you, here are some tips what you can do in such situations. First, disable KRACK from the Windows by installing the latest patches. You will probably have to update your router as well.

Then, Whack BadRabbit by installing MS17-010. This is nothing but the EternalBlue buster. In case that you are using a corporate network, turn off access to the infpub.dat along with cscc.dat files to prevent any infection. You can also disable DDEAUTO. Most of the problems with the latest patches were solved and cleared up but, there are plenty of issues left like .NET, Office, Windows 7 and 8.1 and 10 patches.

New UPS with USB charging

UPCWe all need an instant battery power for our critical electronics when the power goes out. Depending on the installations, this can happen once or twice a year or every few days. The more it happens, the worse it is for your devices. In order to make sure that you keep connected and available both professionally and personally, there is a new player in town and its name is APC BACK-UPS BE600M1.

This uninterruptible power supply was designed specifically as an enhancement to the features that you need the most. It is smaller and lighter than most of the models and it has one special convenience, a USB port for charging. This UPS was meant to provide you with the protection for all attached devices by supplying the guaranteed electrical surge.

In a case when your power goes out, it will power your critical devices as well as your home network equipment which will allow you to keep your Internet connection during the black out. Now, you do not have to interrupt your productivity or creative process and it will prevent any loss of your precious data.

This is also good for your computer gear and equipment because UPS will give you the possibility to properly shut down your computer or a device, without losing any changes that might be important to you in any way.

In case that you’re looking for the best solution how you can deal with the situations when your power goes out, this UPS would be the best option without any doubts. You do not have to worry any more.