Usually, the reason for creating a website is to advertise a business online. People turn to companies that can provide them with such a form of promoting. Nowadays, there is quite a number of companies like that.

website design Perth is one of those. Even if you are not familiar with the world of technology it does not represent a problem. You only need to know your own business, its goals, thus, the goals of the website itself. Everything else will be done by the people you hired. Yet again, it never hurts to educate yourself more. It can happen that you don’t get a good advice about certain options. Not every company is trustworthy, meaning they won’t always recommend something that suits you, but what suits them more.

Choosing a web host

web hostingIn order to avoid unnecessary cost and to know exactly what to ask for, we will talk a little bit about web hosting services. Many people don’t think too much of it, but choosing the best one is of great importance and it does play a big role in the success rate. Another problem is when they are not even informed about what to look for in a service like that. Let us inform you and help you with that topic. First of all, there is not one kind of hosting, but two and they differ. The choice can depend on the type of business you have and want to advertise.

Shared hosting

If the business is small, then the best service is a so-called shared server. As the name suggests, you share it. You won’t be the only owner, but you will share a server with others like you. Other than that, you will save money.  What more is there to say about it? Well, it does have some upsides and down-sides, of course. With shared hosting, you won’t have many visitors on the site which is good for a smaller website or even a blog. On the other hand, if that is not your goal and you want to create something big, for an example an online store, forget about this kind of hosting. In that case, think about dedicated hosting. Before we start talking about it, there is one more con when it comes to the shared hosting – the server is not fast, it runs much slower.

Dedicated hosting

Now we can inform you about the other option, as mentioned, dedicated hosting. With this one, you won’t have a problem with a slow server as well as with the security. It also allows clients to upgrade their server and make it even faster if they wish to. When it comes to security, it provides a much higher level since they won’t be sharing the server with another website, it will host their website and no ones else. Because of that, a dedicated server is not cheap.

So, all that is left is to find a hosting provider. Take caution and search for the ones that have a reputation and are checked. Don’t just give your money away.